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The following is a list of plugins that utilize and are compatible with the WordPress REST API v2. Some plugins may be more intended for development purposes and others for production environments. Code quality is also highly variant. While WordPress REST API v2 is still in plugin form, most of these plugins use it as a dependency, as opposed to the core infrastructure introduced in WordPress 4.4, so make sure you have it installed and activated.

The list may not represent every plugin and extension for the WP REST API v2 if you would like something to be added please notify us. If you see a plugin you have authored here and we are not representing it correctly or would like it removed, feel free to make a GitHub issue as well.

Disclaimer: Plugins and extensions found on this page are not condoned or endorsed by the WP REST API team. This is a list for you to explore!

Compatible Plugins on the Plugin Repository.

NOTE: If you know of a plugin in the Plugin Repository not seen on this list which utilizes the WP REST API v2, please contact the docs team and open an issue.

Name/Link Description
ACF to REST API Exposes Advanced Custom Fields Endpoints in the WP REST API v2
ACF to WP API Version 1.3.0 and higher put ACF data into endpoints for the WP REST API v2.
BE REST Endpoints Custom endpoints for WP REST API v2. Currently adds sidebars and widgets endpoints. For monkeying around!
Custom Contact Forms Build beautiful custom forms and manage submissions the WordPress way. View live previews of your forms while you build them.
Dashboard Directory Size A dashboard widget that displays a list of common WordPress directories and their sizes. Handy if you need to keep an eye on the size of your WordPress install. Custom directories can also be configured.
Easy Student Results Result Management System for School, College and University. Used to display and manage education related data.
Event Espresso 4 Decaf Since version 4.8.29, Event Espresso comes with WP API v2 integration, exposing all data in Event Espresso custom post types and custom tables. Read the plugin documentation for more information.
Invitations for Slack Build a Slack community by allowing your visitors (or registered users) to invite themselves to your Slack team.
JSON REST API Subscriptions Enable subscriptions to posts, pages, and custom post types. Users can securely subscribe via simple API routes to created/updated/deleted content.
JWT Auth for WP REST API Extends the WP REST API using JSON Web Tokens Authentication as an authentication method.
Prayers Lets an organization share, update, and manage prayer requests via their website w/ WP REST API v2 support
REST API Console A console for your site’s REST API that lives in your WordPress admin.
REST API - Filter Fields Filter the properties returned by the WordPress REST API V2
REST API Post Embeds Embed posts from your site or others’ into your posts and pages.
REST Routes Build endpoints from inside of the wp-admin.
Rest API Widgets Use a few different widgets through the REST API
SearchWP API Run advanced searches via the WordPress REST API and SearchWP.
Maps by Store Locator Plus Add a location finder or directory to your site in minutes.
Tabulate Manage relational tabular data within the WP admin area, using the full power of your MySQL database.
WP API Categories and Tags This plugin allows users to post, submit, and view tags and categories in the WordPress REST API (v2)
WP API Menus Extends WordPress WP REST API with new routes pointing to WordPress menus.
WP API Shortcodes Simple Shortcode Plugin to get WordPress data from WP REST API
WPAPI-SwaggerGenerator Generate a swagger file for your Wordpress, based on the plugins installed
WP REST API Log WordPress plugin to log WP REST API requests and responses
WP REST API Sidebars An extension for the WP REST API that exposes endpoints for sidebars and widgets.
WP REST API Extensions Extends the WP-REST API with custom read only endpoints.
WP REST JMESPath Extends the WP REST API with JMESPath support to allow field selection and response filtering.
WP REST API - Pure Taxonomies Include all available taxonomy attributes (for example show category or tag name/slug/description) into the WordPress REST API (v2) without additional API requests.
WP REST API - All Terms Include all existing terms (for example all used categories, or tags) into separate WordPress REST API (v2) endpoint. Useful for filters, or list of terms.
WP REST API - Post Type Taxonomies Show all relations between existing post types and attached to them taxonomies in separate WordPress REST API (v2) endpoint. Usefull for creating filters.
WP REST API Cache Enable caching for WordPress REST API and increase speed of your application
WP REST API Controller Control post/custom post type/meta data visibility to thr REST API and setup custom endpoints without writing any code.

Other Compatible Plugins.

If you would like a plugin added that is not on the Plugin Repository, then contact the docs team and open an issue.

Note: Some of these are in early stages of development and do not actually provide any of the functionality they are supposed to (i.e. A lot of the endpoint related ones). Get involved if you would like to see more progress on these endpoints!!!

Name/Link Description
Basic Auth Adds Basic Authentication to a WordPress site; should only be used for development and testing.
WP API Menus and Widgets Endpoints WP REST API menus and widgets endpoints.
WP API Meta Endpoints WP REST API post meta endpoints.
WP API Oauth1.0a Connect applications to your WordPress site without ever giving away your password.
WP API Plugins and Themes Endpoints Add plugins and themes endpoints to the WP REST API.
WP API Site Endpoints Add site endpoints to the WP REST API for multisite installs.

Other Tools & Extensions that are NOT WordPress Plugins.


| Name/Link | Description | | — | — | | JP REST API CACHE | Composer Library for soft-expiring, server-side cache for the WordPress REST API (WP REST). | | RESTful WP-CLI | A command line interface aiming to be the fastest interface for developers to manage WordPress. |

Client Libraries

Client libraries serve as a resource to easily access and utilize the WP REST API.